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family guy, evil monkey

January 2010




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Jan. 29th, 2010

family guy, evil monkey

new blog

I have a new blog!  www.judyscat.blogg.no

well. the new blog isnt exactly new, but it is the one I am using lately.

Its written in norwegian, so I guess most of you wouldnt understand much.
but you could  give norwegian a try ;)

see u there (maybe)

Jan. 20th, 2010

family guy, evil monkey

N-TRANCE Do you think i'm sexy -Original video-

wow. har virkelig savna dinne sangen. hehe

Jun. 10th, 2009

family guy, evil monkey

lev logisk


Exams are over.. thank god..
it was torture, but the torture isnt over. first I have to get my grades. I just hope I passed.

over to more exciting stuff :D
the holiday is here, and I am at home with my family, which is so gooood, but all the same, I always get alergic when I am here.
probably because of the cat... :s

anyway, that wasnt what I was going to write about.
I have started writing for a new website : www.levlogisk.com
it is a norwegian page, so not much use for my american/english LJ-friends, but anyway.
it focuses on the enivronment, and how to live life thinking about mother earth :)

right now I am writing an article about buying used furnitures. It isnt completely finished yet, but soon.
go check it out!

May. 27th, 2009

family guy, evil monkey

Kingdom come

I am soo bored! Reading British History is NOT much fun.

This is how bored I am:

Margareth Tatcher had a land, iia iia oh.
then she decided on Falkland. iia iia oh.
and a army there, and an army here,
army there, army here
armies everywhere.
 Margareth Tatcher had a land. iia iia oh.

Jeremy Black should not be allowed to write history books. srsly. it is too long, too specified and not a bit exciting. History shouldnt be boring. it should be interesting!!!!!! X(

6 days left..... then EXAM.

May. 6th, 2009

family guy, evil monkey

Life is a Rollercoaster

NO. I am not reffering to Ronan Keatings hit, I am reffering to my day :)

first, it went down, since I was at the dentist. it was a little painful, but not as painful as the other times

then it went up, as I remembered this would be my last appointment for a loong while :)

then it went up again!! wow! I went to cut my hair! and I am very very pleased!! :D
result further down

then it went very very low. I got a mail from my teacher saying I have failed one of my classes because of low attendance, and would not get to take my exam. I would have to take the semester one more time, and write my mainpaper one more time, and then attend all the boooooring meetings. that destroyed my focus for everything, including reading for my two other exams.

then it went down again, as I decided that the best way to drown my sorrows would have to be in alcohol. hehe.
but I soon realised I had used all my money on the dentist!!!! FOR F*** sake!!

so what to do? I realised I couldnt have had too low attendance, since I only remembered two times I hadnt been there. so I checked it out with my notes and my amazing memory. found I was right, called my teacher and told him everything I remember from last class, who was speaking, what he had written on the board, what some student had nagged him about in recession, and he said: oh, so you were there?
he fixed it! there probably was my fault for signing the wrong place or some biznik. but whatever! I can still make my exam! hopefully I wont fail that one! haha, that would be ironic, Alanis


May. 5th, 2009

family guy, evil monkey

I make good food :)

 usually,I am quite pleased with my dinners, but today I am exstatic!!
This was just too good to not share, so that's what I will do :)

Chicken salad with a twist 

1. Cut the chickenfilet into small pieces, 
    then cut green squash and paprika into similaar pieces.

2. marinate everything with spices of your choosing.
    I used, garlic,  BBQ spices and paprika powder mixed in oil.

3. put it in the pan, and fry till it is done, I will not explain more thourough than that.

4. make the rest of the salad cold. I used more paprika, a whole avocado, salad and onions.

5. mix it with loove :D

hope u like it! 

May. 3rd, 2009

family guy, evil monkey

which bob?

katie holmes? heidi Klum? something else? (show me) should I die it as well? which color(comment)? do not cut it at all!
only three more days till my hair is going in for a dramatic change
Im cutting it into a bob. :D
I am soo nervous, maybe it doesnt suit me at all? XO

but then again, maybe it suits me perfect, and suddenly I will be married and the owner of a dog...

anyway, here are som styles I liked
comment, and if you have another photo which u think would suit me,please DO include!

katie holmes looks great in this pic. sassy, sophisticated, and a bit shy :) idk about this. I think it is maybe too much for me.

Heidi Klum with a summerish bob. love the look of it. looks easy and light, perfect for summer.

or maybe I should go for an afro Bob? looks cheeky, right? :D

for those who does not now me by face, I'll include a photo, so you can judge which will suit me :)

no matter the outcome of my decision, wish me luck :)
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family guy, evil monkey


ok, her e ønskelista mi.
tinga e stort sett ikke spesielt dyre, for e forventa ikke nokke dyrt liksom :)
  • Ny kortholder, men helst ikke sånn i metall. Kan liksom koste 5 kr eller nokke sånt, d gjør ikkje nokke, for min e totalt kondemnert J
  • Gavekort/peng
  • musikk eller film (med byttelapp helst, har ganske mye fra før av ;) )
  • billige øredobber eller smykker
  • eksamenen i 1505
  • god te eller kaffe
  • alkohol e alltid en innertier
  • brødrister eller vaffeljern
  • store duftlys ( ikke vanilje, helst sjokolade/kanel)
  • solkrem :D
  • potteplante. Helst kaktus eller anna plante som overlever L
  • harry potter bok 2,3,4 eller 5 XD
  • snus e også en innertier, da gjerne skruf eller general porsjon
  • klær e tillat, og e blir super glad for sko, men d blir vel fort litt dyrt J sko str 37/38, klær: M
  • Rouge
  • Den og grønne mascaraen dei har på hennes
  • Slippers, e finne ikke igjen mine!
  • Ansiktsmaske
  • Spill/ kubb eller brettspill, gjerne som kan brukes som drikkeleik J
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s poster eller nokke anna fint/kult e kan fylle veggen me
  • At nokken fiksa pcn min sånn at e kan skrive ut cd’n min igjen ( hint: kjøde eller Olla kanskje?)
  • Volleyball (kommer til å bli mye brukt i sommer)
  • Tryllekunstner som underholdning XD hehe
  • Parfyme, helst BVLGARY
  • Kule hårbånd
Det kommmer kanskje flere ønske etterhvert
btw. dersom du har lyst å gi me en brukt brødrister eller vaffeljern, så e d supert. trenge ikke være ny dersom den ikke e brannfarlig ;)

Feb. 21st, 2009

family guy, evil monkey

The big H

Just seen a program about health, and what all those guilty pleasures do to ones biological age.
This dude at 25 had the liver of a 35 yr old, the lungs of a 41 yr old, and a brain functioning as good as an 65 yr old. wow.
He was shocked I tell you. Even though he smoked 300 cigarettes a week and drank alcohol almost every day and never exercised.
He turned it around as well. cut down the cigarettes to under a third in just 2 weeks, drank less and less often, and started exercising almost every day.
The improvement in just one week was tremendeous.

I started thinking about my own health, which is the goal for these kind of shows, and found out that the reason I may be sick right now, might not be because I didnt dress warmly enough or took my vitamins... hmmm. go figure. :)

So, the answer must be to stop smoking totally . I dont smoke often at all anymore, but the program showed that the nicotine level and the lungs doesnt heal completely if there isnt a full stop of smoking, and one should also keep the non-smoking thing up for 10 yrs before it would have healed to its fullest.  Result: Im throwing my cigarettes away. no more party smoking. I really want to keep this up.

secondly, the drinking. luckily I dont have lots of money as a student, and the weekends could be more constructive. theres always work, homework, and other more positive things to do in leisure. Result: start drinking less, and not every weekend.

the hardest thing right now is work out.. this is why I dont like snow. Its hard to jog in, the temperature freezes my lungs,  one is either packed with clothes and too warm, or dressed for a work out and freezing in the warming up..

on the show though, they played badminton, which they said was a high intensity work out. I may be willing to give that a try. :)
but the best way to get myself to do some serious lasting work out is with a work out buddy :)
I need one, so sign up if you are in..

btw. this wasnt a social post.. hehe. I just wanted to clear my thoughts, put them down on paper so I could read them when my will is down.


Nov. 24th, 2008

family guy, evil monkey

(no subject)

been a bit absent lately. havent really wanted to write anything.
Schools a bitch, with exams coming up. I am so nervous.
and I have been working quite a bit, so the late nights havent been much studying.
and as an effect to the late nights, with TOO much solitaire and family guy, I have dreamt about playing solitaire with the heads and voices of family guy characters. really. it is starting to get on my nerves. so I have decided to ban myself from playing and watchin. :)

Instead of doin what I was supposed to do, I have been watchin alot of films lately. especially last night. watched Prince Caspian, which was boring and bad, and then I watched 28 weeks later, which was great, but should have had someone the audience liked more. only person I really felt I liked, was officer doyle or whats-his-name.

when I was supposed to call it the night, I came over Bring it on Again, on televison. yeah, it sucked, but I love the moves. does anyone else get annoyed that we didnt get to see the finals? did they win? and if they did, then EVERYONE could be a cheerleader-master, coz they trained for what, two weeks? lol. amazingly stupid, but slighty entertaining, although I didnt laugh ONCE, I only smiled when Monica did her slang thing at the party. miss bomb diggity. please.

oh, shit. I have school in 20 minutes! gotta go

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